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It makes no sense at all if man appeared at the end of billions of years.
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Wang began his media career in modeling and attracted public attention with his figure and looks.Many feel that Wang's attractive figure is a combination of the Hong Kong popstar Andy Lau and Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou.[citation needed] in 2002, Wang was signed by Sony Music (Taiwan) to form a 6-man boy band Comic Boyz (可米小子) where he was the leader of the group.A happy newlywed couple and expectant parents is double the joy to behold and such was the case this week when acting couple Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee made an appearance at the Damiani store event in Seoul.They wore matching elegant black going out attire along with an increasingly similar face or what is known as husband-wife looks.Being as careless as only she can be, she has made her confession to the wrong person, who happened to be the school's devil, Ah Meng (her junior, a first year student in school).She is so shocked and embarrassed to see Jiang Meng aka Ah Mon's (Mike He) face that she drops her love letter in front of Ah Mon and runs away. Ah Mon is amused by the whole thing and decides to have some fun with Qi Yue.He also starred alongside Rainie Yang and Mike He in Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊) in 2005 and Why Why Love (換換愛) in 2007, where he played a sensitive university basketball team captaina and a large shopping centre's CEO, respectively.Wang is currently signed by Ocean Butterflies Music Co Ltd, and released his first EP Love, King One (換換愛) on 14 August 2007.

~~ Adaption of the manga 'Akuma de Sourou' by Takanashi Mitsuba.

He threatens Qi Yue to print a thousand copies of her love letter and let the whole school know of her liking for Yuan Yi.

In order to stop Ah Mon, Qi Yue agrees to be his 'runner'.

Don't let the fact that they end up becoming step-siblings throw you off. I was honestly touched by this show...enough to buy read more I've read many great reviews about this drama but I guess they're giving it a lot of attention that it shouldn't have.

Yes, the drama is cool but you can't possibly have high expectations because you may get disappointed.