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Made the Battleship Battle Group deployment in 1986. Is there crew from that period, still living, who might have known him?

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Next, you can add contacts (artificially and naturally intelligent alike) but because you can’t browse the bot store like you can in a browser, you’ll need to actually know the name of the Bot you’re looking for.For general, more obvious Bots like You Tube for example, you can try simply searching these keywords in the search contact bar, located at the top of the page on the app.You can interact with them by sending them messages, commands and inline requests (aka contacting and initiating a conversation with a Bot by typing its username into any chat). There are two ways to search for Telegram Bots; in your web browser or within the app.If you’re checking them out in your browser, or using Telegram within your browser for that matter, then head to for the full selection.Marcellus Gaag is CEO of chatbot developer Sodima Solutions, which developed a chatbot with NLP for the website of a college campus political campaign (look in the lower right corner.) “The bot appeared more personal because of its NLP capabilities,” he says.

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Given the huge, growing interest in the technology from within the industry of chat platforms, the team at Telegram have decided to capitalise on this early.

In theory, a bot with a human adult level of linguistic skills would be awesome.

In practice, natural language processing — NLP to anyone in the field — isn’t there yet.

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One of the most exciting things about the rise of chatbots is their use of artificial intelligence — especially machine learning — to mass-accomplish tasks that neither an army of interns nor an army of experts could match, and to derive wisdom beyond that of the crowd by analyzing the crowd’s billions of conversations with cold math.