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Edit ms query without updating data

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File Maker does not use SQL set semantics on queries.

File Maker may execute one query for each related table on a layout.

Once you get there, there is a button on the top that says "SQL"; when you click on it, it lets you write an SQL statement and you can edit the results of it if you click a cell you want to change. This for the reason that anybody can execute complex queries. But please note that this will work only for the query that doesn't contain "join" Yes you can edit joined results.

Views have never in the past been able to contain parameters; however, as shown later in the chapter, user-defined functions can now be used like views, effectively allowing you to create parameterized views that return different results depending on the parameter values that get passed in each time the function is run.

(Views are sometimes called “virtual tables.”)Microsoft SQL Server: By default, DATETIME, DATETIME2, and SMALLDATETIME data from ODBC tables is imported as the timestamp field type.

You can change the field type of a timestamp shadow field to either date or time, but the data must be structured in a specific manner.

If you want to retain certain SQL join behavior or obtain the results of SQL predicates such as GROUP BY, create views.

Then access the data from File Maker through those views.