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I didn’t think much of it until I noticed Sandy‘s keen roving eye light up at the sight of the Just placard on the press gate. Jared even made me take another photo with me in it! Right before Jared and Sandy took off from the show, they were kind enough to pose together for a great candid shot (see below).She quickly pointed it out to Jared, who glanced over my way, smiled and nodded. (It’s a Jared name thing, you wouldn’t understand.) Celebrities started bottlenecking after walking through the metal detectors before entering the Gibson Amphitheater. What it means, for those of you just joining us, is that fans like to imagine a romantic relationship between the actors who play Sam and Dean.They create various fanworks on the subject, and discuss events that might support such a relationship actually existing.For the record, Padalecki and Ackles are not lovers in real life.

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To do so would be supporting an incestuous relationship, something many fans are not in favor of."Ty wasn't fearful, so when it came down to the world accepting who she was, it was 'live it to the fullest every day, because you just never know.'" What Ty never knew is her life would end in bloodshed at a.m. Underwood is dead in the drivers' seat, having bled out."Five gunshots were fired, four of the rounds struck the victim," said Det. "The gunshots came from the right side of Ty, towards the left, which indicated that the shooter was sitting in the passenger seat shooting towards the driver," said Putman. Cops believe the shooter opened fire, then jumped out while Ty was driving.With appearances on Showtime, Logo, and MTV, this Latina queer-identified comedian is taking the world by storm. So we were excited to find out she will be in Seattle at Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave S.) this Saturday, June 13, at 8pm. Jensen Ackles runs a dating agency for ordinary clients and also for those clients who have special needs or disabilities.